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1955 leaking transmission fluid in rear end

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I have transmission fluid draining into the rearend. I am going to replace the seal on the front of the torque tube. Is there anything else that needs to be addressed while i have the rearend slid back? 

I will reinstall the torque boot trying to use the shop manual instructions, with wood dowel with 15 -25 lbs of pressure. 

Any and all suggestion appreciated!!




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Draining into the torque tube, and draining into the rear end could mean two different seals.  Both problems would require a new seal at the torque tube/ torque ball end.  But the latter would also require a new seal at the drive shaft to pinion shaft end. 

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If you use the outer torque ball retainer with the vulcanized surface on it you don't need to do any adjustments with the dowels.  Just use shims with some sealer on them and use those as gaskets.

Leave the pinion seal alone unless you're going to change bearings or otherwise service the rear end.

Drill a hole in the torque tube just in front of the rear flange and tap it for a screw to service a drain and to check the fluid in the torque tube.

Change the differential fluid.

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