Wayne W.

1919 Dixie Flyer engine, radiator and fuel tank

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I hope someone may have interest in this. I am in the process of clearing out a family estate. There is a Herschel Spillman engine, a radiator and a fuel tank available if anyone is interested. My grandfather had a 1919 Dixie Flyer and this is all that remains of the car. The engine and radiator were covered up outside. The radiator was stored inside. I would like to find a good home for these items. The property went up for sale recently and will close in June of 2019. I don't want to see these go to a scrap pile. If anyone is interested, contact me at sierranw@comcast.net. 

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Hi Wayne. My name is George Albright of Ocala,Fla.  I am a longtime AACA and HCCA member and automotive historian. I would like to buy the Dixie Flyer parts to make sure they are preserved. I may end up donating them to a museum. I am on the board of the Garlits drag racing and antique car museum here in Ocala for 30 years. I'd like to offer you $500 for any parts that show up plus I will pay shipping. I can mail you a check Monday. Where are you located? Please contact me on my cell 352 843 1624  or by email  gnalbright@gmail.com   Thanks for you consideration. These parts must be saved. Sincerely George

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