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Hi gang, I need to repair my balancer, the weight spins on the unit, I recall 

an article in TWOTZ about repairing...can anyone chime in on the direction.==the plates are sandwiched between fiber washer as seen in pic  pt 06h-6366     

like an automatic trans mission clutch plate, but for no metal lining--probably some form of cork?


hey 40 Tom  !!





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Hi guys. What is the symptoms of a faulty balancer?  I have an engine vibration on deceleration but no engine misfire and plenty of power.

Thank you for any suggestions,  George

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I was thinking about the engine mounts. I replaced them maybe 15 years ago with rebuilt ones from Richard Hommel. I wasn't sure of the quality of them at the time. I'll check mine out if it ever stops raining here in the northeast. Thank you for the reply, George.


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I'm glad you mentioned that, we have a problem, with mount availability, I suspect sagged motor mounts 

that allow  the metal inside to rest on the inner shell is a source of a lot of Lincolns that sound like a truck

inside..Do you have a good source for them, I think mine were made by Warren Rice 45 years ago!! I would renew them in a second

if they were done well..

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4 hours ago, Mssr. Bwatoe said:

Hey Ken, Did you paint the inner side of the balance plates??


I did but not in the recess where the fiber washers go and also keep paint out of the holes for the pins and springs.  

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If you want improved performance, have a hub machined to mount the crank pulley, and use a Chevy balancer.  GM balancer needs to be honed a bit to fit.  You then need to fab a fan adapter, or go with electric fans.  Not stock, but would take a careful eye to tell the difference.
















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I have never seen one bad before, and I suspect I caused it though a overzealous heavy thick paint job that gummed up the springs,

which reduced the tension and allowed the plates to slip....ok now..But what a pain to remove / repair..


IMG_3507 - Copy.JPG


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