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Zephyr engine block

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I'm attempting to make a computer model of the Zephyr engine.  I did this with the Ford Flathead V8 using factory blueprints, but have none for the Zephyr engine.  I'm using a gasket set and photos, but there are a few important dimensions I need.  I don't have a block, crankshaft or camshaft to measure.  If any of you guys have an engine apart and are willing to take a couple pictures with a ruler in place I'd appreciate it.


I 3D print the Flathead V8 block and want to do the same for the zeyphr V12.  Anyone willing to help with this project in a more detailed fashion will be rewarded with printed models of the results.



Ray Federowicz

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I need block height from bottom to top of intake deck and width of the intake deck.

Need thickness of connecting rod big end, micrometer measurement.  Ford V8 is .875".

Need photos of cam with ruler laid on top.  Because cam is long multiple shots are needed to reduce perspective distortion. A shot directly above each cam bearing and shots between.

Because many block dimensions can be determined from the cam I will need caliper dimensions for lobe width and spacing for a group of four lobes.

I need the width of the main bearing shells.

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I don't know what area of the country that you live in, but The Henry Ford has the archive of the Ford Motor Co. and provides a high resolution digital service on any drawings that they have. You can also go to the Archives and take photos of the microfiche. Their printer is not very good and they don't have a scanner available to the public.


I have attached one of their high resolution scans, so you can see what you would be getting.


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I'm somewhat familiar with the Henry Ford as that was the source of the V8 blueprints I used to model my Flathead.  Took me two years to get every dimension worked into the CAD model including all the water jackets. Eight prints involved.

The Zeyphr project is different in that I'll only be making the CAD model to 3D print scale models so exacting accuracy isn't needed for every detail, but I try to be as accurate as possible.


I live just south of Seattle Washington.

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