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To Members Of HCCA who also are AACA Members

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I wanted to make sure you guys see this.  This should be a great opportunity for the brass car hobby.  If you are also members of AACA here is a chance to get that elusive part made and for free!


Before the usual questions of whether this is a scam or in anyway there is a catch let me tell you there is not.  This is a project we have been working on with another group that has REAL firepower behind it and is the real deal.  Skeptics need not apply but those of you stuck on finding a part or can't afford to have one made here is your one opportunity to get what you need for free.  I cannot tell you what parts they will choose so there is NO more info than below.  Simply follow the instructions and if you are one of the 100 chosen they will contact you.  AACA is not benefitting right now in anyway other than being able to offer our members a deal that they cannot get anywhere else.  Steve 


Are you in the midst of a restoration?  Do you need a part you just cannot find?  Were you thinking of having one cast, machined, 3-D printed or the like?  Is the cost prohibitive?  Could we talk you into getting this part for FREE?  Yes, FREE, NO CHARGE, NO COST, NOTHING, NADA!  No you do not have to do anything illegal to get this deal!  You only MUST be a paid up-to-date member of AACA.  The rest is simple, you must be willing to honestly evaluate the part and report back.  A little more to it but this essentially is the idea!  If this intrigues you then apply now. There is a strict time limit to get this opportunity and only 100 members will be selected.  We think it is one, if not the most amazing offer to the car hobby in history, so please do not let it pass you by. 


If you are interested in participating please send an email to parts@aaca.org before May 1st, 2019 to receive detailed program information.  Please include AMP in the subject line and your email address in the message, AACA Membership Number and no more.  You will be contacted later with further information. 

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I know there is not a lot of action on this forum but hope that my brass car friends take a shot at this offer.  Yes, you still must be a member of AACA but many of you are and this offer is legit.  We have over 325 applicants already and some will never qualify.  Perfect opportunity to get that rare part made for free.  End of day tomorrow is it!

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