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What is this?

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That is a strange thing. I can't place it on any steam vehicle. It looks like some sort of alarm/signaling device and it was a novelty of some sort?


Possibly an early deer whistle to alert deer of the approaching car or motorcycle. That would be my guess.



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1 hour ago, JFranklin said:

I think it is shaped the way it is so it spews only steam.


Steam gauges have a loop like that called a "siphon". It's purpose is to hold water and insulate the gauge from the heat of the steam. Long story, but they generally aren't needed as the line to a steam gauge is dead ended and without flow, heat can only travel a short distance. I have a steam powered tugboat and there is a steam gauge up in the wheelhouse "by the book" I added the siphon and it was a waste of time and money, that line stays cold.



DSCF1103 (Medium).JPG

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