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My daughter and I are trying to remember where to add oil to the engine. The car was my father's but my daughter inherited it because she helped work on it. In the close-up picture (IMG_2994), we think it is either to the very right or just left of that. Both of them have caps but we don't want to do it wrong for obvious reasons.



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Chris, if your father had a manual or "reference book"

for the car, the answer would almost surely be in there.

People with old cars often get the original manuals

for insights into the car, so your father may have had it

on a shelf somewhere (or in the garage or in the car itself

under a seat) and used it for reference during his ownership.


If you don't have the book, I think there will be someone

here with the specific knowledge you need.  There are

one or two Durant Motors specialists on the forum!

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There are 3 1925 Star Owners Manuals on ebay (this is the expensive one) it would be nice to have for reference.


My guess is the one with the silver cap, most old tractors had a vent/cap in the same location.  The black cap has me stumped, there is nothing in that location in the pictures of the 1925 engine (in the manuals listed).  If you open the silver cap and look down the hole you should be able to see the timing chain, they you know you are in the crank case, the right location.


My guess is the black cap is for lubrication the generator, if you lift that cap most likely it will have wadding, looks like torn up cotton, put a few (10) drops of light weight oil.


Looks like a great fun car.





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IT is not the one with silver on it.  Give me a couple of minutes and I will post pictures of the information you need.  I used to be one of the technical editors for the Durant club so I probably have all the information you need and there is a great Durant Club that publishes a monthly magazine call the standard.

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    It should be the same as your 24 Star Coupe?  If you think it is not the silver cap (silver must be a crank case breather) then it has to be the black cap.  My 1928 Graham-Paige oil change interval is also 500 miles or annually.... it was different times and really bad fuel.





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