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Dodge Deluxe 1946 trans needed

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Was about to install the stock trans back in my 46 dodge after doing the clutch and degreased the trans only to find the housing (top right bolt area) is cracked into the housing.  Do not think is a repairable area without gutting the trans.  So am looking for a trans for a fluid drive car.  BUT I also think the graphite seal in the FD unit is done for as well as when I spin the clutch after replacing clutch I get this not so nice grating sound. It did not do it on the bench when laying flat but now wants to to after install back into car.


But I just have to ask, what is needed to be done to just change all this out to just a standard 3 speed without fluid drive?  Heard bad things cost wise on repairing fluid drive units.  If it is cheaper in the long run this sounds like a better route as the car is just a standard driver. 

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