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Up for  offer is  my 1941 Buick super convertible ...

This 1998 AACA grand national champion is not only stunning , it performs as well .

Fully restored by Ralph Baldwin , Its arrow straight with flawless paint.

The interior, top, steering wheel ,chrome was all handled by Jenkins restoration.

22 years later, it still could win every award again!

Fully detailed under carriage shows as well the exterior..

All receipts are available and were in excess of 70k

Asking $77,500.00 ..;'

I researched the market ,compared mine to the car currently on E-Bay priced higher .

Look at his then look at mine , There is a difference especially in the engine compartment and under carriage.

Please accept my apologies for the photos (raining very hard here)

The upholstery is perfect ,so please disregard the towel on the front seat..

Located In  Roxbury  Connecticut,

Better photos soon...

Contact me via this web site or at: connauto@sbcglobal.net


Best Regards to all,






IMG_0927 (1).JPG

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To all , I thank you and this forum for both your time and the free ad.

The Buick received an invitation from Hemming's for the concours..

It's a great show, I enjoyed it when we displayed there in the past.

The car will then be consigned to the Hershey auction in Oct.


Thanks Again,








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Life gets in the way sometimes ....  I never registered for the Hershey auction..  To late to get a decent number now, so, I'll give e-bay a shot.

 I truly do not expect to sell it there (especially with my terrible photography) but   I thought you may enjoy the story associated with my Buick.

Best Regards ,


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10 hours ago, mercer09 said:

The Car Which Shall Not Be Mentioned.


we all have had least one of those.........................!



I have had a dozen or more!


My 1932 Cadillac V-8 comes quickly to mind thirty years later.............I cut it up for parts, and still have most of them.  They are going to the scrap yard in the next three weeks..............

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I have a few regrets as well!   Both Cadillac convertibles . My black over red  "48 and my near perfect 1962 . 

I really miss the '62 the most,  It was the best car riding and handling big car I ever owned !!!  

If anyone has either or and is interested in trading towards my Buick,  I'm all ears !

The suggestion about the photography is duly noted ..  I have contacted a highly skilled friend who also said I should throw my camera in the trash !

 Thank's again;


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The Hemmings   Concours was a wonderful event !   Nice cars, good weather and incredibly nice people... And then it got even better when my 1941 Buick won a first in class (prewar)      ..  As an update.. This car will not appear at the Hershey auction.. The car is still available via private sale...

I'm pretty proud of this car.. 22+ plus years has past since it received it's AACA grand national award , to win at this event is a tribute to both Chris Johnson (it's former owner) and Ralph Baldwin who restored this Buick..   I offered the trophy to Corrine Johnson and we both decided it should go to Ralph..  and it will..

I understand the lack of interest in prewar cars, I get it.. this car will sell in  time and for a fair price..    

I appreciate the interest and comments..

Thank you all!

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