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1953 Brake Sender Module (Special Wrench/Socket???)


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RE: 1953 Buick Roadmaster brake lights need lots of pressure before the lights come on.

Okay, I followed a previous suggestion to go buy a new 'brake sender' unit/module from my auto parts store. Pretty cool experience to walk in and ask for a part to a 49 year old vehicle and he goes to the back and slaps it on the counter ready to go! Just LOVE it when they do that (no 2-day wait, special order)!

I've located the 'sender'(with two wires coming out of it) on top of the Master Cylinder and used every wrench (Cresent, ViseGrip, ChannelLocks) but it won't budge (unscrew). I don't want to snap it off. These wouldn't have 'reverse' threads would they? Just wanted to make sure.

I shared my experience over dinner with a classic car group this past weekend. One guy asked if it needed a special wrench to grab and screw it off. I'm putting that question out to you today. So many other postings have stated special wrenches so I wonder if this one be another situation.

I've sprayed Liguid Wrench all over it and letting it soak in for a few days and doing it again before another try at it.

As always, appreciate any suggestions.

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The sending unit has a 1/8 tapered pipe thread, and will loosen by turning counterclockwise. I have always removed them with a socket that I ground to fit over the unit. You should be able to remove it with Channel locks. You just have to be careful not to slip,or you will leave marks that the judges do not appreciate.

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