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1946 Dodge trans question

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Finally getting back to installing the trans in my 46 Dodge F/D coupe after an unintended 3 month hiatus and noticed something I had not previously when I had the trans on the bench doing the rear main seal and front shaft bearing. The shift lever attached vertically is loose going back and forth and doesn't seem to be engaging anything.  I cannot get it to "shift" much of anything while on the bench.  The horizontal shift lever attached to the top will go through gears including neutral. I am now wondering if the catastrophic failure of the release bearing,  bearing sleeve as well as front input shaft bearing retainer failure broke something else I didn't notice.  Should that shift lever just flip back and forth real easily ?


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I think the vertical lever lets the horizontal lever work first/reverse on one end and second/third on the other. It doesn't really click like one might think.

So, hold the vertical to the front and shift the horizontal and turn the input shaft, try horizontal lever forward then back. Repeat with the vertical to the rear to see if it is changing gates.

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