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1933 Chevrolet Master Clutch Fork Guide

Dennis Jones

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My car is a 1933 Chevrolet Master Coupe and my question is about the clutch fork guide. I'm enclosing some pictures of mine and also the parts book picture. It looks to me like someone has cut some off of the length of it and also has ground down the ridge on the top of it. I'm wondering why only the 1933 Chevy has this part. My car has had a very bad rattle in the clutch linkage, or clutch pedal since I've owned the car.
I removed the guide today and tried driving without it around the block. With the guide removed and the clutch pedal depressed it now makes a horrible knocking or rattling sound in addition to what it made before.So I guess it does need to be installed. I was hoping that with it removed it might solve the clutch pedal rattle. Because someone has modified it, it doesn't even extend into the opening in the bell housing which I assume was the function of it.
I don't know how much mine was shortened. I will try to find a muffler shop or welding shop who will be willing to add maybe an inch or so to the length of mine. If anyone has one they don't need I would like to buy it. Or maybe someone would be willing to measure theirs and give me the measurements of it with a picture.

20190415_093817 (Medium).jpg

20190415_093819 (Medium).jpg

20190415_093930 (Medium).jpg

20190415_093952 (Medium).jpg

Clutch Fork Guide.JPG

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