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1983 Rivieras at Indy 500

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Continuing my research on the Indy 500 Pace Cars, now on 1983.  


The Riviera was selected as the Pace Car and as a result Buick built 502 Riviera XX. 500 were hardtops, 2 were convertibles. These two convertibles were the actual Pace Cars at the track. One is supposed to be at the Indy Speedway Museum, the other at the GM Heritage Canter, but maybe at Briggs Buick GMC in Manhattan, Kansas. Tom Sneva, the winner of the race, supposedly also has one, but the custom of giving the winner of the race the actual Pace Car had ended long before this and the winners were offered one of the Festival Cars.


For 1983 the Festival Cars were not the Riviera XX models, but a white with maroon interior 1983 Riviera convertible. There were supposedly 60 of these Festival Cars.  All the decals from the track may have been removed before the cars were sent to dealers, so people may not even realize they own one. There may also have been some of the Riviera XX models at the track as well. Though all the Riviera XX models were V8, it is believed most if not all of the Festival Cars were a V6.


During the event a list of VINs was provided to the track to use to assign drivers, etc. Does anyone have this list?  Anyone have any of the VINs? Or anything else on these cars?  Thanks

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The XX pacecar was part of the fleet of Buicks that were sent to the ROA meet in 2005.  That car was powered by an twin turbocharged 4.1 liter V6.  It appeared with light bar and the whole kit and caboodle.  I have a few pictures of it that I can post if you'd like.

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