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identify hubcap?

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Yeah Buick are the closest matches I've found, still not seen any images of this same one tho, not with ID anyway... The one in the middle of attached photo looks same to me but no ID :( Is it unrealistic to expect to find out exactly what brand and year this is from? There can't be that many different designs are there?


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15 hours ago, Tinindian said:

Neat "wheel disc".


12 hours ago, moonshinewilly said:

Ah, wheel disc rather than hub cap?


1 hour ago, Pfeil said:

correct a wheel cover.

Learn something new every day.  Even common usage is not up to date sometimes.  Mr. Google indicates that a wheel disc is the central part of wheel, as illustrated by the manufacturer.  So we have hub cap (which covers the hub) and wheel cover (which covers the wheel), all very simple.


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