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Transmission project

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So my 2018 winter project of disassembling and inspecting the transmission due to lack of power really turned into a 2019 spring project. Thought I would post my project as I go along in hopes others with more experience than me can give me some advice. So the transmission  , at least to me, doesn't feel like it ever fully engages. And  the car has always lacked enough power to drive it up on a trailer. With years of helpful advice , and getting my transmission to work to begin with , from John I have done a lot to the engine such as new piston and rings, bored, adjusted the timing every way imaginable, different plugs ,etc. So over the winter I had the coil redone and the gentleman suggested I switch to 12v . Not that its gonna give me a noticeable increase in power but it will give me a much better spark for better combustion  and maybe a slight increase in power . So now with the weather finally better I was able to spend enough time on the garage floor to get the transmission out ( not a fun project on my own)  . Tonight I will start the disassembly of the transmission. Basically I am just taking it apart to look for oxidation on the plates, check the thickness of the plates and look for any abnormal wear. Any suggestions from anybody would be greatly appreciated. More pictures to follow as I get deeper into this project.




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Got most everything apart last night . Going to clean everything this weekend and inspect all the parts. I did notice there is some oxidation on the bronze and steel plates. Any suggestions on how to clean that off? The manuals from way back then say to use emery cloth. What should I be looking for as to what the thickness of the bronze plates should be and also the steel plates ?  Scott



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