From UK to IL to PA to NY??

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I have been looking at a vintage British car that was imported about 15 years ago and has been through two owners since then. The current owner has not registered it and the only paperwork he is able to show me is two insurance cards (Yes, from Hagerty), from the previous owner in Illinois, membership documents for a British roadside assistance company, and a window sticker from the garage it had been sold from in the UK.

What should there be? Would Illinois have issued a title or a transferable registration on something this old? It’s a '63. What would the current seller in Pennsylvania have needed from him to register the car in his state?

Thanks for any information,

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Good grief.  No wonder the current owner hasn't registered it.  Not even a bill of sale!   Unless it's some kind of extremely rare car, chances are for a 1963 there are plenty to choose from that are well documented and there is not doubt about their provenance.  Just out of curiosity, what kind of car is it?


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