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1926 Peerless

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I would not go too crazy on valuation based on rarity and condition. There is less interest in all closed cars from the 20's.  It does not make much difference if it is a Peerless or Buick, if it is a 6 cylinder.  Cadillacs and Packards even have issues reaching $20,000 - closed cars.   The drawback for your car is it's 6 cylinder status, a flathead - reliable and interesting but people hesitate before plopping down $25,000 these days for closed 1920's sedans.  


I would say value it for insurance at $20,000 to cover your bases, but if ever offered for re-sale, expect $15,000 or less, subject to mileage and condition.  $15,000 has to be a driver, not a non running artifact.  

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