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Does my 1954 truck need a license plate lamp?


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I was pulled over the other evening in my late model Chevy suburban for having a burned out tag light... no big deal, easy fix, just a warning ticket.  But this got me wondering. My 1954 international R110 did not come factory equipped with a tag lamp. 

I've researched and have gotten conflicted answers about this. 

Some say, No... if it's a antique vehicle that didn't come factory equipped with it then it's exempt from the law, and some say state or city ordnance requires it on all vehicles no matter make or model.


Anyone here have any experience with this?

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normally newer state laws requiring doesn't affect vehicle made before the law was enacted. such as seatbelts, my 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Custom Catalina wasn't subjected to any seatbelt laws in 1953, so i'm not required by a law to add them to the vehicle later. 

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