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Hi --- I'm new to Zephyrs but interested in a car that I found.

The car is a 1942.  I have some concern because I've heard the '42 has a unique engine or something different about it.  Did they bore it out larger or do something to change it for that year only?  And if so, was this a good change or does it bring a host of problems that are not found on other Zephyrs.  Are they reliable or prone to cracking or . . . .?


My motivation is that at one time I owned a '38 Packard Super 8.  Later I learned the reason why the engine was bad ---- they are all prone to cracking of the cylinder block due to metallurgical problems with that year only.  I don't want  to be surprised when I buy another car.


I am looking for a good driver-quality car.  Don't want a project or need to rebuild an engine.  Just do maintenance and needed repairs, and drive the car.


Feel free to PM me if your comments may not be taken kindly by '42 owners !

I'd just like to learn the ins and outs of these cars.

Thanks --- Luke

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Hi Luke, Im.  no expert on 42 LZ. motors except I  have  one  in   my 38 LZ. it was in there when I bought the car 27 years ago. Had 620 mls. on speedo, smoked and fowled plugs.  I replaced the rings and bearings  and have done 26000mls. since. No problems. From memory they have a bore of around 2-7/8' , about 290 cu.,  larger rod bearings than earlier models and a flexy flywheel arrangement  for lighter clutch.  All good, runs at highway speed all day at 50 lb. oil pressure, doesn't smoke or overheat  and uses about pint oil  every 200 mls.,  runs honey/white spark plugs and consumes gas at the rate of 12/14 MPG. It has Columbia Two speed back axle, twin exhausts, lake pipes under each running board with caps, triple carbs,   quade  LZ.  mud flaps, but  no twin fox- tail aerials.  Rumbles along like a steam express train. What more would you want. Roy 

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