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Sold My Reatta


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I posted about the clearcoat failure on my 90 Reatta, and ended up thinking that the solution that would make me happiest would have been a complete

repaint of the car. I really liked owning the car for about 11 years, a low mile, mostly problem free car. Right now I have more cars than room for them.

The guy that bought it intends to paint it and enjoy the car. I will be relocating in about a year and selling another couple  of collector cars. After that time

it would be great to find a nice Reatta convertible.     Hope that I can continue to participate here once in a while.........

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We have a 1990 (1989) Select 60 Reatta - given to top Buick dealerships.  I have all the original documentation which includes the people who worked on it who all signed with their signatures, leather bound, etc.  It is a white car with red accents and a white convertible top.  We had a new top and leather seats redone by an upholsterer who got the original materials and did an outstanding job! 


We bought it in AZ in 1992 from a dealer and drove it for a few years and otherwise it's been stored in our garage.  It has approx. 71,000 miles on it and is in excellent condition.  It shows no wear due to sunshine and great weather conditions in AZ.  We  are ready to sell it and want $18,500 for it.  If you're interested or would know someone who would be, please email me @ kayj21@aol.com (my personal email) or kay@chesterfieldsdesign.com.  I do have pictures of it that I can send as well.


Thanks for your time,

Kay Schulz



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