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Atwater Kent 8A distributor


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Ed Fowler's 25 coupe needs a distributor. Sunday the coupe stalled in the front yard and investigation revealed a hole in the distributor body. Upon removing the distributor, it appears that one of the centrifugal weights came out, punched the hole in the body and tore up the inside. The hole can be repaired but the internal damage  worries me. Does anyone have an 8A disributor that they are willing to part with? Dave Phillips

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2 hours ago, Steve Braverman said:

Convert the car to a Delco distributor. Ignition parts are available everywhere.

 And the new Delco caps, rotors, points, and condensers are a fraction of the cost of NOS for NE distributors....... that is, if you can find original distributor parts for Series 10-12 anymore.


Dave, If you want to know how to do the Delco Remy conversion, pm , or email me.



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