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Help-NOS Oldsmobile Viking Head Lamp Lenses Still In Package-Worth Saving?


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I was at an estate sale today and found an unopened package of headlamp lenses for the Oldsmobile Viking. It appeared to contain 4 but, was unsure as they were still wrapped in the original cardboard package. I have a collector car myself and know how exciting it is to find items like these. If they are valuable to someone I want to be able to save them and get them to someone that can use them rather than have them go in the dumpster. My questions to the Oldsmobile community are: 1.) What would be the value of this package be? They had a pretty hefty price. 2.) Is this of value or are these readily available? 3.) Does anyone out there want them? If anyone can answer any or all of these questions please PM me, e-mail me: billmawbey@hotmail.com or call: 715-347-2676. I would be happy to run back and get them if these would be of value to someone. I am leaving town tomorrow at 10:00 and might be back in time on Saturday to get over to the sale before they close for good. See pics attached. Thanks for your help.








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