1926 sedan parts wanted

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Hello I am restoring my 1926 sedan. I am planing on bringing my car to the national meet. 

Some parts that I would like

DB tools 

DB bolts

Window cranks

trunk mount

running board tool box mount

crank hole cover

apron fender bolts

hood latch bolts

correct 10-32 slotted screwes nickle plated round head

oil can firewall mount

clutch pack and throwout bearing

rear sliding window handle

drivers front fender

nickeled cowl light rings and leadlight rings

any other peroid correct accessories 


I am near San Fran in CA

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I have some slotted head screws for the interior window trim, and perhaps other items. My restoration was done from 2000 to 2004, and a lot of items were available then.  I had good luck with a firm called "Lincoln Hardware" in Tacoma, Washington.  At that time, they had access to people and firms that had what I needed.  Granted, I had to buy a box of 100 screws, to get maybe the 3 or 4 I needed!!  It has always been fun for the search, but I did my restoration according to original.  If I can get photos of my car, they will be on this note.

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