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Early DB gear shift knobs

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Does anyone know about early DB gear shift knobs? I am sure very early, like '14 and a short time in '15, DB used bronze gear shift knobs. They can be seen in a few pictures and I know of a few cars with them. Then there are nickled knobs until ABOUT the end of '16. These evolved into plain cast iron knobs, possibly painted black but many are bare. I am trying to document all this. The part number never changed but that is not unusual for DB if the part didn't really change shape or function. They are all round with eight flats on the sides. The Engineering Changes reprint from the DB club does not mention this as they used real documentation to write that. If anyone knows of an early DB I would like to know what kind of knob it has and if the car is original or close to it. If you have OLD pictures that show that would help. The Books of Information has drawings in it. BUT the manuals for the early years definitely  shows the knobs to be lighter then the black dashboard and shifter, which we know to be black. Thanks. 

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