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James C

V12 hot start by Jake F

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Many years ago or so, Jake sent me a wiring diagram for a hot start, not just temperature but all the time, that he would make for me for $50.  It provides full battery voltage on start.   Does anyone have. the drawing in detail?  Thanks Jim.  57 year owner of a 46 sedan.

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Here is a write up and diagram of the 'Hot Start" circuit. It was written by Supereal for the Early Ford V-8 Club Forum. IMHO is is just a band-aid to bypass a problem with the car.

There are 3 main causes of hot start problems, excessive fuel, lack of fuel and weak spark.

Excessive fuel comes from a leaking carburetor flooding the engine.

Lack of fuel comes from a weak fuel pump or a vacuum leak in the supply side of the fuel pump.

Weak spark can be a bad coil or condenser or worn points.

hot start diode.jpg

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