Incredible Build - The 50 Year Old Cockroach

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I never know what I am picking up until I roll up to the address .... :D

This - is probably the coolest Custom Hot Rod I have hauled... :cool:

The Cockroach was built by Jim Cooper in the late 50’s or early 60’s - depending on who is telling the story.

Jim was a union pipefitter - it shows in the custom designed frame work.

31’ Ford Roadster Body on a 32’ Ford Chassis with a Buick 425 nailhead engine - (6) carbs.

Fully chromed frame & undercarriage.

Original paint job - (78) coats of Candy Copper Red Lacquer.

Which kinda made it look like a cockroach - hence the name given by Jim Cooper.

It has been on a few magazine covers.

Here is a video with Chris ( who I picked Cockroach up from )



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A really beautiful modified Ford! Like the interviewer in the video, I'd also say that's my favorite era of hot rods. Thanks for posting!

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Dave Fields said:

Has AACA accepted these cars for judging?

Only if it can be proved it was in a sanctioned race with photos at some time, then it would be in class 24A. There is a very evolved Race Car Certification process the car has to go through to get  the  paperwork and Certification oval. Bob 

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No tech inspector would allow that roll bar - it has no triangulation.

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