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Hello Everyone,


  Dozens of members have used me to transport their vehicles & most of the rest know me & my reputation as one of the best in the business from other forums, Facebook groups, etc. If you are unfamiliar with my QUALITY Transport Service please read below.

   I am a single car transporter out of Northern Ohio. I offer both Open & Enclosed Personalized Single Car Service. I have over 3.5 million accident-free transport miles & this is my 36th year of business. Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback/references posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do NOT post my own feedback, that would not be ethical!

My resume includes :
Hot August Nights Invitational
Numerous Museums
Many Autorama/World of Wheels Shows

International Corporate Expos
Several Celebrities & Professional Athletes

The trailers are :

Featherlite aluminum single car open trailer with a large air dam on the front to prevent stone chips & of course a solid floor.

Ameri-Lite aluminum single car enclosed trailer. This is an actual vehicle trailer with a dove tail rear & a drive in rear door for loading of the lowest of vehicles. This is not a cargo trailer with mickey mouse ramps setting on the back edge with boards under them for support, praying they don't fall off with a car on them. This trailer is fully finished inside with RaceDeck flooring, insulation, poly walls, compressed air & electricity. Also I will never pile a bunch of greasy parts around your vehicle & there is no equipment hanging from the walls to fall on your vehicle (I.E. ladders, etc)

Both trailers have electric winches on them, so the vehicle need not run. It MUST however roll on inflated tires & the brakes cannot be locked up. This is very important as I do not want to tear up my equipment. I transport many six figure vehicles, so I want to keep my stuff in top notch shape. If you are willing to pay more for enclosed transport, it should be Quality Enclosed Transport...There is a difference!!

NEVER is there a charge for unloaded miles, logistics is part of a transporters job! I build my trucks to get excellent fuel mileage, so deadheading a bit is not a problem.

The price I quote is the price you pay! I will never try to extort more money from you after I quote you a price or during the transport.

I am strictly CASH on delivery. I also do NOT take deposits, I believe a mans word is his bond. All that is required to lock a spot on my schedule is a phone call, email or P.M.

As part of my personalized service, I do NOT stay in hotels. I sleep in my truck at a travel plaza or rest area, so nobody bothers the customers vehicle or my equipment

I NEVER hide behind aliases, I am proud of my reputation, my name & equipment, so they will always be shown prominently. My company name is my "handle" on EVERY forum! I also do EVERY transport I post for, as I don't just post to keep myself relevant. I would much rather be out in the shop working on any one of my cars than playing on the computer.


I am booked well in advance all year round, but can sometimes squeeze one in between & I am ALWAYS available to quote prices, recommend other QUALITY Transporters or warn against those who are not. I can also offer advise about the industry or offer qualified opinions on trucks & trailers as I have actually been building & modifying them for decades. I will NEVER make you feel like you are a bother when you call!

Please feel free to give me a call/email or P.M. for a price quote.

Thank You & God Bless
Bill Squires (owner)
Bill's Auto Works
(216)832-8697 cell NO TEXTS

IMG_20170824_122228832 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20181001_195159041 (640x360).jpg

P0003568 (640x429).jpg

P0003667 (640x429).jpg

P0003703 (640x429).jpg

P0003742 (640x429).jpg

P0003757 (640x429).jpg

001 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20160710_181121482_HDR (640x360).jpg

IMG_20160714_140031667 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20160807_074411112 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20160413_141433410 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20160413_142433226 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20170214_095249245 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20170615_184527087_HDR (640x360).jpg

IMG_20180425_103326227 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20180909_093442767 (640x360) (2).jpg

IMG_20180916_143738590 (640x360).jpg

IMG_20190207_095348671_HDR (800x450).jpg

IMG_20190324_133054048 (640x360).gif

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