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v12 Engine Stand.?

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I am in need of a engine stand in order to work on this engine. I have reviewed many post suggesting to use one that mounts on the side of the engine. There is also a few pictures of what they look like.

What I was wondering does anyone have the plans and what material is needed to have one built.? 



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Gerry - I rebuilt my V12 in 2012 , using an attachment that was sold by George Trickett (deceased).

As shown in the pictures it would fit virtually any engine stand . This could be built by any good welder.

I sold mine to Colin Spong  who then took it back to England with him.

Mike Lynch

02-20-13 (8).JPG



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I think that you could probably have one fabricated for less. You can buy an inexpensive angle finder to get the angle of the block and bring an exhaust manifold to the fabricator to measure for the length and hole position. Use the drivers side manifold so you can mount the starter when the engine is on the stand.


I am sorry that the shipping cost is so high, I thought that I had a viable solution for you.

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I was discussing with my neighbor who is a welder and we decided to buy a used 1000lb engine stand for $60.00 and reinforce it to hold the engine. We are also going to follow your suggestion to have the adaptor made


You solution was a good one. It's  just that our dollar is only worth around $0.63 compared to your $1.00.


Appreciate the help.











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