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Rhodora - 1949 Hudson Brougham

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Whilst browsing through the many for sale ads on my favorite app I stumbled upon a 1949 Hudson which grabbed my attention.




This Arizona baked Brougham Super Six found its way to Sweden in 2012 and has had some technical updates. The roughness of the car intrigued me. The patina body and the almost nonexistent interior somehow intrigued me, even so much that I booked a flight for me and my girlfriend to check it out. After 1000 miles of traveling we finally saw it in real life. This rough diamond. We saw its potential and bought it!




But the best was yet to come: The previous owner who bought it back in 2012 was the second owner. He had the papers of the first owner who drove it from 1949 until 1964.


The previous owner happened to be Jade Hudman Rhodora. She was a professional dancer and abandoned the car in Arizona right around the time her husband Wes Hudman, a (Hollywood) actor passed away. This gives the car a whole new meaning and that is why my girlfriend decided to call the Hudson Rhodora. 




Plans are to keep the patina body as is but work on the interior together and I want to, with respect and grace, pay tribute to Jade - I’m thinking of a small picture of her face to commemorate her car and the history it had.


The car is still 900 miles from home, hopefully it will be home next week. Then I will give some more info and pictures of “Rhodora”.

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It took a little longer but she’s home now. I tried to drive her home but it didn’t work out like I planned. I did meet some cool new people thanks to the breakdowns.



Right now we’re working on making her ready for Dutch inspection and then cruise around this summer. 


A few things done already since we have her (not even a week yet):




- Removed the deepest dents so the trunk closes and seals better




- Sent out the bent rear drive axle that was quite bent.


- Checking airride for leaks and fixing it


- Change out some bulbs and fixing a light for the rear license plate  


- rehanging the doors


- closing up holes that let exhaust fumes in


- removing back seat for reupholstery


and some other bits & pieces. 



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Busy day today.


Rear deck light for license plate (mandatory), had to fabricate a ‘glass’ from plastic so I installed an LED light.




Put some rubber on the floor. Inside the car that is. Looks a little more decent this way.






Closed the area between the rear seat and trunk and the wheel arch.





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