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1999 Limited Edition Buick Riviera Silver Arrow for sale

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there is one picture of the interior if you scroll through the pictures at the auction - leather seats, in good condition - carpet is very clean.  There is some grime on the interior door handles - I didn't have time to clean all of the interior before the auction house took it away.  There are original memorabilia which show it is a silver arrow.   My dad owned this car for a few years - but he died in late 2017.  I just put a new battery in it and got the brakes fixed.  After it burned through the old gas it was running nicely.  

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This does not appear to be a Silver Arrow.  It has a Silver Arrow badge but it's mounted in the wrong area on this car.  This car does not have the correct chromed Silver Arrow (not unique to Silver Arrow) wheel set, and there are no photos of the embroidered Silver Arrow seat trim.  I don't see the badges, but these items all came in a kit to be installed by the dealer. Therefore, the dash plaque could have been installed in a different location.  But without photos of the embroidered upholstery and the V.I.N., which is unique to the Silver Arrows, there is uncertainty.


All Silver Arrow V.I.N.'s are known, so please provide the V.I.N. for verification.

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Ralph also posted on the V8 Buick forum and added the title information over there.  This car certainly appears to be a Silver Arrow and a very early one #9.  VON 700411.   This would make it #9 and it went to a GM executive, built in September 1998.  It is NOT #187 as Ralph is advertising it.  It has a #187 badge on the dash. 

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