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On the side of the body opposite the part number is a Venturi size..... 1 x/x size, this will identify the correct application. Please post a photo, I’m happy to purchase a correct carb for my application. Thanks, Ed

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Not what I need, but the good news is that is the larger unit, fits big Packard 12’s and Pierce Arrow hot rods. Your price is right in the ballpark of what most people ask for them, the smaller units are not worth as much as the large ones. Ed

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10 hours ago, K8096 said:

I think DV-32 Stutz used the 1 5/16 venturi size if I'm not mistaken.  


Yes, along with a bunch of special linkage and top...........very difficult to find. Our car had an incorrect unit on it and I was able to get the correct body and make the thing correct.......as I so often preach. 

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