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Exaust and heat exchanger 1930 buick

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Looks like a "tension" break, and somebody has been in there at least once, maybe twice with nickel welding rod.

If it were mine I would braze it with brass rod and paint the manifold.

Keep in mind that both halves need to be WELL preheated and POST heated for a good joint.

Not a backyard welding job !  But a good shop, with older guys can do this.


Mike in Colorado

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If same as a 1929 Master shouldn't be too difficult to find. Be 100% sure that you go back with the correct cupped or beveled washer that hold the manifold to the engine. Do not overtorque. I even "lube" both sides of the gaskets. Id rather change gaskets than manifolds.

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The exhaust manifold casting number on my 1929 Master is 214604-3. I would be willing to bet that the 1929 and the 1930 use the same part. 1929 parts are more plentiful.

 I would toss it and locate a solid replacement. They are out there. Be sure to lube the gaskets and use the correct washers to secure the manifolds, otherwise you will be doing this again. 

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