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1930 Buick model 47 torque tube

Jack E

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I'm finally ready to reinstall my transmission! The car was taken apart around 1977 so I'm not sure if there's a gasket and/or seal between the torque tube and the trans assembly that I'm missing. And help would be great, thanks for looking!!




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I installed mine this morning on my 1918. There was no gasket, either because there never was one, or because the previous mechanic was too lazy,  but I thought it would need one because the U joint is lubricated from the tranny, and the joint to the torque tube is right behind it, so of course it will leak without a gasket, so I made one out of oil-proof fiber gasket material.






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One thing I had to do.......... because I cleaned off the torque ball and reinstalled it into the torque ball housing without knowing how the 4 bolt holes lined up with the 4 bolt holes on the torque tube, bad surprise, the 4 holes on each did not line up and there was no way to adjust it to line them up, because the torque tube doesn't spin and the ball is too hard to move within the housing by hand, so I had to take apart the torque ball/housing by removing the 6 nuts that hold the housing to the tranny, and install the torque ball to the torque tube first. Then, move the whole torque housing/ball/tube/rear end assembly forward to get the ball into the spot where it goes, and the housing was loose and I could line up the 6 bolts to the tranny, and then attach it there and tighten it.

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