Dodge at Indy 500

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I am researching the various year Indy 500 Pace Cars and festival cars.  the goal is to have as searchable database where owners of these cars can verify them and see build info.  A number of years are complete, and I am now working on 1996. The actual Pace Car was a Dodge Viper and they also had Dodge Avenger Festival Cars and the special Indy Edition Ram truck.  The Vipers are known, and I am nearing completion of finding the VNs of all 3212 Ram trucks produced (only 20 were used at the track). I am batting zero finding anything on the Avengers.  There is usually a list the track uses with VINs, assigned drivers, companies, etc.  Though I have these for a number of years, I do not have anything for 1996.  Does anyone know where I can access such a list?  Does anyone know where a red 1996 Avenger festival Car may be, or just the last six of the VIN?


Will be working on the white 1991 Dodge Stealth Festival Cars next if anyone has any information on them.  Thanks for any help.

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