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Amphicar Manuals on CD

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Newly printed Maintenance Manuals (only a limited supply available)

- These are not photocopies!

- Crisp clear professionally printed photos and text.

- Spiral bound to lie flat.

The CD includes:

- The Owners Manual (full resolution printing allowed)

-- Includes both the rare supplemental starting procedure and lube instructions.

- The Parts Manual cover to cover (full resolution printing allowed)

- The Maintenance Manual (low resolution printing allowed)

-- Fully searchable text

-- You can get to any paragraph or picture in 3 clicks or less.

-- Full color schematic able to zoom in 1200%, (bilge blower wiring included too)

- Gordon's Parts List (no prices to keep it forever current)

-- Fully searchable text

-- Or browse using bookmarks

- 9 Amphicar screen savers!

-- From .3 meg to 8.8 meg

- Amphicar Icon and cursor!

- And more!

Go to Amphicar ads for more information


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