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I'm trying to identify a strange noise coming from the straight 8 of my '51 Chieftain.  It's not a constant, steady sound like a bad rod but higher pitched and comes and goes.  I've disconnected the fan belt but the noise is still there so it's not water pump or generator.  Is it possible that the timing chain has stretched and is scraping something or a bushing in the distributor is going bad?  It's from the engine and not back in the clutch like a throwout bearing.  It's a new one to me and don't know where to start looking.  Thanks.

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Seriously though...  My 53 l8 has a on again- off again noise also. I think one of the lifters or cam has a flat spot. A slight increase in idle speed will stop it... If your valve covers are off... Watch the valves to make sure all are rotating... This is how I made my diagnosis... John

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