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Wife got her birthday gift today.....but the old 32 may have some carb issues. Need some help..


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Finally finished up what I could do on the 32 and gave it to my wife for her birthday. She was thrilled of course. 


I still have an issue or two to work out. I'm losing some power going up hill and have some occasional popping when I let off the gas.  Pretty sure the carb has never been rebuilt. Probably time. I'm in the East Tennessee area. Can anyone recommend someone in the area that rebuilds 32 Marvels?


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Beautiful car no doubt about that!!


on rebuilding the Marvel, YOU can do it yourself!  I’ve never even seen a Marvel let alone tore into one until We bought our ‘27 Summer 2018!!  There really isn’t a whole lot inside of one to be honest w you!  I’ve never be in a ‘32 Marvel but if it’s anythng like my ‘27 then there isn’t anything to them!!


Here is our ‘27, does it look like this?  Sorry I don’t have the greatest pics of the carb....


but if it does look like this one thenits rediculously simple inside so if I can do it then you certainly can!!



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3 minutes ago, 32BuickVicky said:

Ok. Do you all recommend a rebuild with the cork float or a plastic float?


From what others have told me it’s personal preference however it’s seems majority of people go with a plastic (NITROPHY)  float.


i just ordered a NITROPHYLFloat for my rebuild as well due to the recommendation from Hugh_25_25 and a few others who have been very very helpful

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You may want to consider going thru the carburetor yourself.  There is a procedure in this link.  This will walk you thru the steps.  Not sure how different your 1932 is from 1925, but guessing not very.  You may have issues with your pot metal venturi, so certainly worth looking at.  Congratulations to your wife.  Tough to beat getting a collector car and someone who will keep it running for you.   Hugh



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