Steve Hammatt

Haulage available from Pac NW to Bakersfield Swap Meet and beyond (April 11-13, 2019)

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Leaving NW corner of Washington State for SoCal on April 9th and returning one week later. Will be attending Bakersfield Swap Meet and continuing to points south. RAM diesel rig pulling 24' enclosed trailer and will be positioned on the field in Spaces D18-21 at Bakersfield. Room for most everything except rolling chassis on the south bound trip, complete vehicles can be transported on the north bound return trip.
Call me to discuss 360-661-6060.
Super thanks.

RAM and Vintage Trailer.jpg

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Steve is one of only FOUR other transporters I would risk my reputation recommending! I wish he would run more often, as I could keep him busy! There are too many bottom feeders out there that "toot their own horn" (because not many others will) & not enough QUALITY transporters out there like Steve!


God Bless


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