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1940's engine information needed (airplane)

29 Chandler

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Sorry, this isn't car realted, but historic airplane.

Anyone have information on Eclipse engines. They made a auxillary power unit (APU) for PBY's that were sent to Britian in the early 1940's. A group in Florida is trying to restore this rare airplane and have run into a brick wall in finding information on the APU that is missing from this airplane. Information is needed in particular on an Eclipse B APU with NEM generator and

bilge pump. Any other help would be most appreciated.


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Guest Hal Davis (MODEL A HAL)

I'm sorry. I don't have the information you desire, but I know that there is a PBY in the museum at NAS Pensacola. Maybe someone there can help you. Someone at the Fantasy of Flight museum between Lakeland and Orlando might be able to help you as well.

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