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Brass Era Touring Car


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Hello Everyone,


My father and I are looking for a brass car, were not very picky on brand or year. Anything from a complete project car to a restored car would suffice. My budget for this would be 10k for a project and 20k to 25k for the right running/ driving car.


We have spent the past 25+ years rebuilding and enjoying model a and t Fords. As time passes our interest has been shifting more and more to the older vehicles, the vehicles not every guy has. 


We are pretty handy with body repair, rebabitting and mechanical items so unless the car is incomplete im confident in being able to make it run.


Cars that have peaked our interest have been:


Buick Model 29, 10, 

EMF 30

Curve Dash Olds




If anyone has anything that they think would fit the bill, feel free to post it or message me.


Thank you, 




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Hi Matt. Did you see Howard's 1913 Reo roadster in Cars for Sale ? Good tour car, price reduced to $20,000. Give him a call at 206-919-1949 if you are interested, and see if it is still available. He really knows his brass.   Good luck ! Must be a fun hunt !    -   Carl 

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On 4/4/2019 at 1:02 AM, zzzzzzz said:

1918 briscoe  pm if you would like my phone #


Brass-Era is specific to Pre-1916,

but typically permits 1916 model year examples produced prior to January 1, 1916


Newer vehicles are typically considered Nickel-Era, from 1916 either through 1927, 1931, or through 1935, depending on who you ask.

Then we get into Chrome-Era.


They are all fun when you take them touring - or when they take you touring!

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