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Here is my '53 Rolls that I built from pieces, starting with just frame, back in 2003. This is my first addition of my antique fleet here in Indianapolis. The last few pictures include the new toned paint job I added a couple of years ago. Let me know what you guys think or any questions I can answer for you.










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Actually worked on a RR once! Was in a brake workshop for a year, and was surprised to be assigned to work on a drum braked example. Brakes were twin trailing shoe Girling , IIRC 11" dia x 3" wide. Immune to fading because of their design.  All of the openings in the chassis frame were closed by cover plates, and were designed so you couldnt put one back in the wrong place. The brake booster was a shaft driven off the rear of the gearbox, with a clutch faced disk - when you pushed the brake pedal it wound a plate into the disk and helped pull the brakes on. Best part was that if the rear wheels locked up, you lost boost! This one needed a little adjustment to make up for wear - easy as!

jp 26 Rover 9

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