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New 23-6-41 owner.....

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I have provided the link to this forum, especially the pre-war section for the gentleman that now has my old girl.  I've already warned him about this group.......errrr....mentioned how great a group this is.  Nothing I have to warn you about regarding him except for the fact he is a buick man through and through.  A great home for the 23-6-41!!!!

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I had over 40 people as of yesterday that were waiting in line to either look or start making a deal ...but the first gent that approached me was the one that should have got it anyways.  He already is beginning his work on restoring the old girl.  And he has the resources to do it.  I'm so happy it went to a guy like him......it was like I found it and just held on to it for a while waiting for him LOL. 


Morgan.....that is a fair chunk to travel alright.  We could have met half way ya know ;)

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