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47 Continental-a couple more questions

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Hello guys,

Really trying to get this car assembled correctly.

1) I have decided not to add the vacuum tank under the fender. Where does the vacuum line 

from the engine enter into the cabin? Are there reasons I should reconsider the vacuum tank?

I guess I am used to vacuum wipers slowing on low vacuum pulls.  Other considerations?

2) Where does the radio foot switch mount? I have been through numerous pictures and can't see it.

I am also looking for the clips  that mount the rear of the fender skirts. These bolt to the rivetted bracket

on the fender skirt to pull the back against the fender. I have one but need one more. I could fabricate

but checking here first.




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             I'll jump on here,  perhaps this will help.  The vacuum tank helped stop the slow operation of the wipers, also the fender radio antenna was vacuum operated.

             I'am going to try and send  a picture from  Lincoln /Mercury SERVICE NEWS/ Vol.1-#3--Jan. '47

             The radio station foot switch  on my "48 LC Coupe is located  between the clutch  and brake pedal. screwed to the floor. If you can't get the skirt locking clip

             from one of the vendors you  can "fab" one these out of steel stock. You have one now to copy- no one will ever see it

'47 Lincoln vac. systemimg03242019_017.jpg

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Thanks for the sketch.  Now I have a good idea why our previous owner put in an auxiliary vacuum pump when he left the lines to the replaced non-vacuum antenna unplugged.  I'm highly suspicious of the check valve on the tank as well.


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