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1960 McDonough Buckboard

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I had never heard of a 1960 McDonough Buckboard before your post. From a quick Google search, it does not appear to have been a street legal vehicle. If it was not designed to be a street legal vehicle, it would not be eligible for participation in an AACA show. 

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.......Smith and Briggs motor wheel cars and the Auto Red Bug were not street legal in most states but do get judged at AACA meets such as Hershey in the fall.....I also have a 1960 McDonough that I'm just finishing up now and plan on showing it as much as possible this year, so I'd be interested in hearing from AACA......Kip in Milford, Ct.     P.S.....would like to see your car 42cady....

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I would suggest that you contact the VP of Judging to inquire. There are some "vehicles" that were admitted in the past that are now grandfathered into judging despite not typically having been street legal. If it was not designed to be street legal, it should not be eligible for judging. I think that efforts have been made to prevent additional non-street legal vehicles from slipping into the system.  If it is admitted, I would think that it would be in Class 1c as being similar to an Auto Red Bug, but I don't think that it meets the General Policy for AACA Judging which indicates, "AACA accepts motorized vehicles 25 years old or older, which were built in factories and specifically designed and manufactured for transportation use on public roadways and highways." 

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I have seen McDonough buckboards at AACA shows over the years. They certainly have been judged in the past and I see no reason they are not eligible today. They do fall in a grey area because they were largely, although not completely,  not street legal at the time they where manufactured. 


Flyers and Red Bugs which are in class 1c are definetly street legal in the period they were manufactured. I have been involved with these vehicles for 40 years and have a ton of evidence they were widely used on the street in period all over the world. 


For whatever it is worth, I own samples of all of these vehicles. 

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