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1 hour ago, pyasher said:

I purchased a new Solid State regulator and put the cover from my original on it. Better voltage control and no one can tell the difference...


Where did you buy the solid state regulator from? 

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Those 1119 515 DELCO voltage regulator a don't pop up often, and they have gotten VERY pricey with the staggered / offset DELCO REMY markings....

If you do want the solid state regulators to put a DELCO cover on one --

I actually have some N.O.S. U.S.A. made (in the 1980s!!) For $ 15.00 each

Rather than getting a Chineseum one from the idiot parts stores for $25..


Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935...

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