Carter BB-1 information

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Acquired a BB-! Carb. I believer I recall an article in the Dodge Brothers Club news. Any leads are appreciated for articles on carb.

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7 hours ago, keiser31 said:

Here is some BB1 information....hope it is helpful....






Thanks now have the whole document.

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Two questions:

1) is there a ball under this orifice? The carb I got from Vintage Carb did not have one.

2) upper needle came in Daytona Parts rebuild kit. Appears to have a rubber cap on one end. Lower is the original. Which to use?




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Stakeside - the first question: the "check balls" in the BB-1 updraft carburetor are both encapsulated in the two brass fittings. 


There is a replaceable ball inside the tallest of the three brass fittings in the bottom (the one furthest from the pump). ALWAYS replace the spring and ball inside this jet assembly when rebuilding. These pieces should be in the rebuilding kit. The pump spring and the vacuum piston spring should also be in the kit, and should be replaced.


The fuel valve you see is the "Parker Brothers" design. Before Paul Parker retired, I used thousands of them. Evidently, Daytona purchased the rights to produce the valve.


Try it.



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