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1929 Chrysler roadster E65 engine re-build questions

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Hi there,

I started to re-build engine on my 1929 Chrysler roadster E65.

For now everything went well, however I have few questions:

  • is it necessary to have a seal in the crankshaft support end bushings ?
  • Is there a seal between the crankshaft pulley and the crankcase?
  • what is the purpose of the steering wheel attached to the pulley, this steering wheel is in two parts with springs between the two parts ?
  • I made the valve stem settings at 1.5 for the intake and 2 for the exhaust. Is this correct?


Thanks in advance





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Hi Alain, well done in getting your engine build to this point.

I completed an engine build recently on a '28 series 62 which is very similar to your series E65 engine.  

See here - 

Regarding your questions,

1. I don't know if there should be a seal there. Both my engines that I tore down did not have any signs of s seal.

2. No seal between the  crankshaft pulley and the crankcase, but there is a cup that covers the crankcase (i call it the timing case)  hole.

3. The 'steering wheel' as you call it, is the harmonic balancer.

4. Valve stem to tappet clearance for my engine should be 0.008" of an inch cold then adjusted to 0.004" for intake and 0.006" for exhaust when the engine is hot.  I adjusted mine when cold to '0.006" intake and 0.007" exhaust.


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Hello Alain, 


Good to see that you are progressing with your car, both maok and Vintageben are right about there being no seal between the crankshaft pulley and the case cover but I don't see in you photos the Oil Throw Disc (what maok calls a cup) item number 50053 in the attached photos, do you have it?




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and first of all thank you very much to all of you, and well done for all your knowledge and your quick answers !

I confirm about the part Oil throw disc (50053) I have it and I see where it goes!

Now I have additional questions:

  1. just to confirm there is no seal on the crankshaft support bearing on the clutch side, if I understand correctly the oil that passes and goes back into the oil pane ?
  2. Do you know what are the use of the two long joints of square section? and where do they go ?
  3. Same for the round joint? What is the purpose and where does it go?

Thanks again from the sunny Normandy !


2019-03-16 18.02.27.jpg

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1. There is no robe type of seal around the crankshaft after the rear main cap. But there are two felt seals that go into the rear main cap where the slots are, as per your pic above. These felt seals were not supplied with my gasket kit, I used cork instead. If you go to my engine build thread you will see what I did.

2. I believe these are for the water pump.

3. I have no idea what this round cork is for, my gasket kit had it as well.


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