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Studebaker Light Six Pistons, NOS

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For the Light Six in 1920-22 they used a 3 ring piston with an 11/16" piston pin and unbushed. Then sometime in 1922 they switched to a 4 ring piston with a bushed pin. In 1924 they changed to a larger diameter (7/8") piston pin. Rods and piston pins need to match pin bore size in pistons.

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Chiltons shows a piston 3.5" dia., 4 ring grooves 3/16" wide. Piston height is 411/16", centre of pin to top of piston 29/16", distance between bosses 1.25", no set screw hole and 1.000" diameter pins. Distance between bosses is the distance inside the piston between the pin bosses.


That is for a 1927 EQ Special 6. This version of Chiltons begins at 1927 so if that engine was used earlier, those pistons may have been used then too. Looking above, @nzcarnerd's post might show it was used from 1919.

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Thanks for the reply and looking up the piston info.  Yes these piston measurements are exactly what you stated.  So, these fit an EQ Special 6, that may go back to 1919.  

On 4/8/2019 at 6:19 PM, stude24 said:

The Erskine logo on the box indicates that these were likely made after the Erskine was introduced for the 1927 model year. By chance is there a part number on the box or a casting number inside the pistons?


No part number or casting number.



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These are likely special six pistons, 19 to 26. In 19 the special six was called the light six and renamed in 1920 to the special six. As the new light six line was introduced in 1920. I believe the special six might have been exported as the light six also.

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When it comes to the early vehicle names, sometimes it's just easier to use the vehicle models instead.  Based on what has been discussed above these are part number 32100 and should fit:

1919-1921 EH

1922-1924 EL

1925-1927 EQ


Depending on the year the EH model was called a Light Six or Special Six so its gets confusing.  ELs and EQs were only called Special Six. Hopefully you find a buyer.


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