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complete owner's manual

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Has anyone compiled a list of what a complete owner's manual would consist of?  


Of interest, I found a letter from Buick to the first owner (letter dated Dec 1990) in the owner's manual package.  


Also found a postcard to mail in for an engraved portfolio name tag.  Wonder if I can still get one...haha.  


There is quite a bit of literature in there.  



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Posted (edited)

I have never tried to compile everything they might have come with.

In 1990 there were two different "portfolios"    the early production cars came with a large billfold style.

At some point the zippered portfolio came out and we believe the new style was sent to dealers that received early cars so they could give them to the owner.

Like many great plans...crap happens.....the dealers (salesmen) did not take the time to contact or send the later zippered portfolio to the customer and they got pitched into a drawer.

These new, unopened portfolios would show up on ebay a few years back.

Other details (1990-1991) cars had the sheet (craftsman's signature log) the assembly line works signed and placed in the car.   Since the portfolio was in a sealed bag,  the signed sheet was supposed to be placed with the portfolio and

there was instruction (red sheet below) for the dealer to open the bag and install the signed sheet in the portfolio.

The last picture has the three different versions of the owners manual holder ....the top one is the 1988-1989 version,   the right one is the early 1990,  the bottom one is the zippered version used for 1990-1991





all versions.jpg

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I was wondering what that bag was for. I put the window sticker and other paperwork in there

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