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20's-62 Lincoln Showroom Albums sales brochures Data books

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I just listed some of these over on Ebay.  Super cheap opening bids with no reserve.  59 Data book.  1940 and 2 different 1941 Lincoln showroom albums. 1956 Mark II owner's manual and hard cover book the continental story. 1936 Salesman Data book, 1924? Data book/ sales manual. A bunch of 1962 and earlier brochures,  some are the large prestige catalogs.  Conditions vary but most are pretty good. The worst is the 56 Mark Owner's manual. 

Here is a link and a few photos.   I gladly combine shipping and ship media mail.











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Randy would you happen to have a buy it now on the 24 manual, would look good with my car.

Thanks, John

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I usually just gamble and let them run,  unless someone makes a crazy offer,  which very very  rarely happens.  Maybe one item a year. Sometimes stuff goes high other times I'm baffled but it all sells and I move on.  I've sold some stuff I though was quite rare as in I have never seen it before for what seems like desirable cars for $10 and never had another,  then some really common stuff I normally get $3 for sells for 30 or 40 the same night,  then again $3 the next week.  Tough market to figure but throw a bid in.  You might just score a heck of a deal. Last time I looked,  that one didn't even have a bid.  It might fall below the age mark my regular custoners go for.  Who knows.  I usually buy my stuff in lots so the ones that underperform are offset by the better performers,  thus why you see me start stuff so cheap.  The goal is to sell it. 

Thanks for the interest. 

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